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Outreach Center


Our Outreach Center includes a food pantry (non perishables, frozen chicken, frozen sandwiches (when available) and salads (when available). We now have clothing (It is all donation so what is given is what we have). The Outreach Center is available when church is open, or by appointment to pick up or by delivery. Please call 215-945-2465 or Email:


Service Livestream


TCC Livestream is live on Sundays at 10:30am. All the services are recorded so you can playback anytime that is convenient for you. 

Click HERE to listen.

Handyman Service


We provide handyman service for just about any type of repair by experienced people. There are requirements so please email the church to talk about details.


Reel Truth Podcast

The Reel Truth podcast is another form to listen to God's word on the go. The podcast is the messages and announcements from our services on Sunday mornings.


Two Become One

Two Become One is a blog to help men, women and couples build, repair and grow marriages and relationships. We believe we can do this with the information God has given us in the Bible. As well as the experiences God has allowed us to learn from. Click HERE to read our blog

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