It is important to understand something first. Jesus Christ died for your sin as your sacrifice on the cross. Everyone has sinned against God, but God loves you and is willing to forgive ANYTHING you have done. No one is TOO SINFUL for God to forgive. And don't think you have to be good first then come to Christ. Forget that! You will never be able to do it right. That is why you allow Christ to come into your life first. Then he will give you the power to make those changes and clean things up. 

Now, what do I do to bring Christ into my life?

1. You must believe that God is real and that Jesus Christ is God's son. If that takes a step of faith for you that is fine. Just tell God you want to beleive and ask him to help you believe.

2. You must realize that, as God's creation, you have disappointed him over and over by your wrong choices, wrong attitudes, and wrong actions. God calls this sin. Tell God that you are sorry for your sin, and that you are ready to change.

3. You must accept the free gift of God by believeing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sin that you have committed. He did this because he loves you. God knows that you struggle with sin, and that you cannot beat it yourself.  Jesus has already made that sacrifice for you, the price has already been paid, you simply need to accept it.  Ask God to forgive you of your sin, and thank him for sending Jesus to die for your sin.

4. Commit to changing your life. Tell God you are ready to follow his path for your life instead of the messed up one you have been following. Tell him that you are ready to make your life different and you need him to help you make those changes.

5. Now find out what that change is. Begin to read God's Word, the Holy Bible, and see how he wants you to live. If you don't know what to start, find the book of Mark in the New Testament, and begin reading about Jesus there. Also, get yourself into a good solid Bible-believing church, that will answer your questions and teach you God's Word.


If you just asked God to do these things for you, you are now a Christian, and God now has many blessings in store for you. Contact us through our contact page and let us help you get going in the right direction.  



Everyone is broken by sin. Yes, everyone. That sin separates us from a perfect holy and loving God. Yet God sent Jesus Christ to fix that problem for each one of us. Because of his sacrificial death on the cross, he paid the price for our sin. Now all you have to do is accept this wonderful gift by realizing you are a sinner, asking God to forgive your sin through Jesus Christ's death, and setting your heart to live daily for God.


Once we come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, it doesn't end there. God wants us to grow in him. He wants us to commit every area of our life to him and allow him to direct each area of our life. When we come to the point of being ready to surrender everything to God, we call it ENTIRE SANCTIFICATION. This is often a crisis time in our life, when we let go of the last things that we have selfishly clung to and allow God to work in all of our life. This doesn't mean that we never sin, but that we hate sin as God does and avoid it at all costs. Being sanctified allows God to use us so that he can bless us and bless others through us. Entire sanctification is really the beginning of the intimate relationship that God desires to have with you. 

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